Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pinoy's feat on Fermat's Theorem turns out to be fake

Yep, I concede, I was also a victim of this one. Please forgive me for the misinformation. :-)

Maybe I trusted Manila Times too much, thinking that it was a reliable source. My fault too for the lack of research. :-(

But thanks very much to Alecks Pabico's enlightening research. He himself wrote to Prof. Andrew Wiles about the alleged letters to Prof. Edgar Escultura. Wiles denied that the letters came from him.

See more of Alecks' findings here.

Thank you very much Alecks for your investigation. :-)

In 1637, the French mathematician Pierre De Fermat stated that, for any nonzero counting numbers x, y, z and n, there are no numbers x, y, and z that can satisfy the equation xn + yn = zn if n is greater than 2. He also claimed that he found the proof for his statement, but his proof somehow mysteriously disappeared. Other mathematicians attempted to prove Fermat's Last Theorem, but unfortunately to no avail. And this theorem went unproven for more than 300 years.

In 1993, Andrew Wiles published a 150-page document containing his proof on Fermat's theorem. Mathematicians worldwide celebrated this momentous historic event. And it turns out that Wiles' proof is definitive, even today. :-)

My previous post about Escultura is here, Google-cached.

Lyrics of Martin Nievera's "Stairway To Heaven" song

Meron akong lyrics ng rendition ng Bogoshipda ni Martin Nievera. It seems that Martin has two versions of his song - one in Tagalog and one in English. Thanks nga pala kay kuletz for the lyrics.

Here goes...


Hanggang Langit

Martin Nievera

Bakit hindi pa rin nawawala

Ang iyong mukha

Lagi pa rin sa ala-ala ko

Mga ngiti o na anong tamis

Ay naiisip kung bakit

Nahayaan ka

Mahal kita mahal kita

Bakit noo'y nasaktan ka

Kung di ako nabighani sa ibang ganda

Marahil ay kapiling pa kita

Hanggang langit na nagsisisi

Na wala ka na

At kapiling mo ngayo'y iba

Kung di kita napabayaan pa

Di ako nag-iisa

Sanay ay marinig mo

Nagmamahal pa rin

Ako sa iyo.


When Love is Gone

Martin Nievera

When love is gone, there are no words to say

You're so far away, but my dreams go on with you.

When love is gone, there is an empty feeling

Deep inside me, how can i make you see

I love you so, I can't let go

Life is not the same without you

I need you so, I know how much when you left me

Now I'm all alone with thoughts of you... (still waiting you)

When love is gone, I stop believing

What was real to me, now forevers not a place I know

When love is gone, I lose all feeling

The silence screaming, when love is gone

I need to carry on, but how when I know

Love is gone... (now I know that love is gone...)


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Anyway, for the meantime, dito muna kayo sa alternate blog ko. :)