Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sandara Park to Debut in Korea (true!)

Yep, this time it's really true. Sandara arrived in Korea on December 22 last year. May I fully quote KBS Global's December 23 Entertainment news item:


Philippine-Korean Star Sandara Park to Debut in Korea

Sandara Park, a rising Philippine-Korean star, is to debut in Korea with the help of Yang Hyun-seok, CEO of YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment said it decided to train and provide support to Sandara Park, who is currently preparing for her debut in Korea, and nurture her into a Pan-Asian star in the long-term.

Sandara Park came into the spotlight in Korea when she was introduced by KBS’ documentary drama “Human Theater” back in October. “Mr. Yang Hyun-seok learned about Sandara’s rising popularity when he was on a tour in Southeast Asia with Seven and other artists from his agency. The fact that Sandara is Seven’s fan also seemed to have played a part in her becoming YG’s member,” said a person close to YG Entertainment.

All eyes are on how Sandara Park, who arrived in Korea Dec. 22, will impress her Korean fans.


Sandara Park to team up with Won Bin?!!

Well, when I was visiting the Tsinoy.com forum, I got this news or rumor that Sandara Park will go to Korea, and one of her activities she'll be doing there is to star in a drama series with Won Bin (Andrew of Endless Love 1: Autumn in my Heart)!

I still have to confirm if this is real news or just plain rumor. By the way, I will share with you Sandara's interview transcript, posted by Johnston in the forum, who in turn credits it to http://scqlovers.cjb.net/. ("Sandy" is Sandara Park.)


Staff: Sandy, is it true that you are going to Korea because you are pregnant?
Sandy: No, I'm going there to study, it's hard for me to study here in the Philippines because of my language problem, and super hectic schedule.
STAFF: Do you love Joseph?
Sandy: (Laughs) I don't know.
STAFF: Hero or Joseph?
Sandy: Mmmmm... ahh... Joseph. (Laughs) But Hero is very special to me too, I love him because he is like a brother to me, and he is very sweet. But, I don't know.
STAFF: Is it realy true that you'll be having a soap or a Koreanovela in Korea?
Sandy: Yes, umm. I will work with Won Bin as my brother, Kim Hee Sun, and I will be paired with *SECRET* just watch out for it.
STAFF: Oh really? So how do you feel about it?
Sandy: Oh, I am very happy, very proud of myself. And very thankful to God for giving me all this blessings, and the supporters who supports me.
STAFF: How long will the soap be?
Sandy? 3-4 months.
STAFF: Any other projects in Korea aside from it?
SANDY: I am going to make an album and a MOVIE!! and Park Shin Yang will ba my co-star in this movie, he is my closest uncle. I have read the script already. It is nice
STAFF: That would realy be great. Is the soap going to be shown here?
Sandy: Hmmm.. I think so.
STAFF: Sandy, is it true that ABS' rival network offered you a contract?
Sandy: Yes. But I did not accept it, I am very thankful that I have my Kapamilya, I thank ABS for the support and the succes, I love ABS and I know that they love me because they are taking care of me. I am satisfied and happy being in the Kapamilya network. I don't need to be Kapuso.
Sandy: I don't like them (laughs) joke joke joke
STAFF: Message for the fans?
Sandy: To my fans, thank you so much for all the support you are giving me. I love you all. Mahal ko kayo. I just want to ask one thing, pls still support Hero, and dont hate Herich, if they will be paired, pls support them, just imagine that erich is me so that you will not miss the herosan loveteam. Pls dont get angry with them both, they are just doing they're jobs. Like me as well. I will still be comin back after 5-6 months. And maybe herosan will be back together again, the herich is temporary only, pls support them, just do it for me.And i hope that when i come back, my fans will still be my fans to support me. Thank you mahal ko kayo.


I'm not really a fan of Star Circle Quest, but personally I like Sandara Park. (FYI, Sandara is an authentic Korean.) So if this news is really true, then I will be happy and proud of her. :-)

My Tagboard Is Now Up and Okay!

Okay, nagpalit na ako ng bagong tagboard. Galing na ito sa Tag-World. My tagboard is functioning again. :-)

My Tagboard Is Down!

Waah! Kaasar naman! Mukhang down ang http://www.tag-board.com, ang site na nagsu-supply ng tagboard ko ngayon. Malas yata... :(

Meanwhile, habang wala pa akong tagboard, mag-comment na lang muna kaya sa post ko. Or send me a message to perryv@gmail.com. Gagawa ako ng paraan para magka-tagboard uli. Oki? :-)