Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sandara Park to Debut in Korea (true!)

Yep, this time it's really true. Sandara arrived in Korea on December 22 last year. May I fully quote KBS Global's December 23 Entertainment news item:


Philippine-Korean Star Sandara Park to Debut in Korea

Sandara Park, a rising Philippine-Korean star, is to debut in Korea with the help of Yang Hyun-seok, CEO of YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment said it decided to train and provide support to Sandara Park, who is currently preparing for her debut in Korea, and nurture her into a Pan-Asian star in the long-term.

Sandara Park came into the spotlight in Korea when she was introduced by KBS’ documentary drama “Human Theater” back in October. “Mr. Yang Hyun-seok learned about Sandara’s rising popularity when he was on a tour in Southeast Asia with Seven and other artists from his agency. The fact that Sandara is Seven’s fan also seemed to have played a part in her becoming YG’s member,” said a person close to YG Entertainment.

All eyes are on how Sandara Park, who arrived in Korea Dec. 22, will impress her Korean fans.



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